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The biggest insurance mistakes around the summer vacation

A pickpocketing, an accident with a jet ski or even an earthquake on holiday – such and other disasters can quickly ruin the long-awaited summer vacation. After all, many people feel well insured. But as a recent survey shows, travelers are often unclear when their domestic policy actually pays.
Versicherungsirrtümer können den Urlaub vermiesen
A relaxing holiday without a nasty surprise

The well-deserved break from everyday life can quickly be over, when fate sets in the travel planning. In the worst case, vacationers still rely on their insurance and will be bitterly disappointed if it does not pay for a claim . In order to uncover the biggest insurance mistakes around the summer vacation, has carried out an online survey in cooperation with TopTarif. It showed: Many of the 190 respondents have only vague ideas about when the insurance companies have to afford and when not.

“The cancellation insurance already pays that”

Political unrest or a natural disaster in the holiday country are conceivable bad circumstances for the start of a trip. Does a cancellation insurance for the cancellation or rebooking of the holiday pays? In the survey, the participants visibly disagreed here. 47 per cent expect services from the police in case of “force majeure”, 49 per cent were convinced of the opposite and are thus correctly informed. If the Foreign Office issues an official travel warning for the holiday destination, holidaymakers can cancel their trip without cancellation insurance. The tour operators accept the cancellation, however, only if the travel warning did not exist before the booking .

A serious illness that makes it impossible to start the journey, however , is a typical benefit case for the cancellation insurance. But who is liable if the tourist is already abroad and has to cancel his stay due to an illness ? One in three respondents was sure that in this case he would be protected by travel cancellation insurance. 57 percent said that the travel cancellation insurance will no longer benefit them. The fact is: Only a travel insurance covers the expenses, if the already started vacation must be stopped early. It is often available as a combination policy with travel cancellation insurance.

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“The fund takes over the sick repatriation”

In case of serious illnesses or accidents, most tourists want to be brought home and treated as quickly as possible. 77 percent of the interviewees knew that the statutory health insurance does not pay for repatriation. On the other hand, one out of every five respondents believed that the costs would be reimbursed by the fund and thus wrongly weighed itself down. Cash patients are only entitled to basic medical care in other European countries and in countries with which a social security agreement exists. In order not to remain seated on the high cost of repatriation, travelers should take out travel insurance abroad .

If you want to spend your holiday in the tropics, you should get vaccinated in time for the deadly yellow fever virus . In the survey, 33 percent believed that the health insurance would pay for it, while 59 percent opposed it. The good news is that a large number of health insurance companies are now paying for this travel insurance recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

“It’s going to be expensive with flip-flops at the wheel”

Does motor liability insurance crack when motorists are out in the summer heat with flip-flops and cause an accident? 54 percent of respondents said no to this question, but 40 percent believed that they would be protected against the financial claims of the victims. As there is no corresponding regulation in the Highway Code and the benefits of the insurance are lost in favor of the victims , car liability usually pays even in the case of accidents involving flip-flops . Nevertheless, with sturdy shoes you bring yourself and others not at risk.

Incidentally, a Majorca policy is an additional insurance for rental car drivers abroad. 19 percent of respondents suspected that this is a travel cancellation insurance, 25 percent could not do with this term at all. The Majorca policy can be part of the domestic car insurance or personal liability. Since the statutory sums insured abroad are usually significantly lower and rental car drivers have to make a high cost contribution in an accident, the Mallorca policy raises the protection of motor insurance to the applicable coverage in Germany .

“Water sports abroad is not insured”

Diving, surfing, water skiing: Does the local accident insurance pay even if something happens to the holidaymaker in water sports? Thirty-five percent of respondents said that in the survey, but 58 percent were sure that the protection also applies abroad. In fact, private accident insurance protects around the world and around the clock . But athletes must be careful: The insurers may explicitly exclude specific sports as a benefit case . Policyholders should therefore clarify before their vacation, in which accidents their provider and in what accidents they are not insured.

“Home insurance applies to pickpocketing”

Sunglasses, camera and mobile phone are not only important travel companions, but also attractive pickpockets for pickpockets. Twenty-three percent of survey respondents feel protected by home contents insurance abroad, but 68 percent believe pickpocketing on vacation does not entitle them to compensation. It is true that a simple bag or trick theft is only a benefit case, if this is explicitly stated in the terms of insurance . Travelers who are the victims of a violent burglary or robbery should, however, in any case immediately contact their home contents insurance: Many policies include a so-called external insurance, which extends the protection of household effects for a limited period.

Those who do not want to take the risk of theft abroad can, of course, refresh themselves in their own paddling pool. If the swimming pool runs out and water damage occurs , household insurance will finally pay – right? No. 50 percent of respondents knew the right answer, 36 percent were wrong. Water damage is only taken over by the household contents insurance if it is caused by tap water, such as from a defective piping system or a heating system.

Well informed start on vacation

The insurance errors around the summer holiday show that many tourists do not know exactly when they can expect what benefits from their insurance. In order to experience no unpleasant surprises during a well-deserved holiday or after that, policyholders are best advised to take a close look at their insurance contracts before they travel. If you are unsure about what is insured during your vacation and what you do not, you should consult an expert.