Best liability insurance for 2015: 111 very good rates

Best liability insurance for 2015: 111 very good rates

The current liability insurance test of financial test shows: The one best liability insurance is not there for 2015 or 2016. Because of 235 examined offers almost every second performs very well. Families can secure themselves for less than 50 euros a year.

Beste Haftpflichtversicherung für 2015: Fast jeder zweite Tarif sehr gut
The best liability insurance for families also secures children

A total of 111 tariffs for families can convince the experts of Finanztest (issue 12/2014) in the private liability insurance test. With such a large selection it is difficult to find the personally best liability insurance for 2015. While almost every second tested private liability insurance receives the quality rating “very good”, four tariffs can secure the highest rating . It refers to

  • InterRisk “XXL”
  • Helvetia “Comfort Vital + Building Block Plus”
  • Asstel “comfort”
  • Helvetia “Comfort + Building Block Plus”

These tariffs cost between 96 euros and 118 euros a year. Much cheaper is also the “very good” rated rate “Exclusive Fair Play” of the Black Forest Direct. Here is the insurance contribution at 48 € per year. However, the sum insured for personal injury and property damage is significantly lower than for the four test winners. Interested parties should therefore not only pay attention to the price when choosing their best liability insurance for 2015 . The benefits must also match the personal insurance needs. In case of doubt, a higher sum insured is advisable.

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Focus on achievements: which is the best liability insurance for 2015?

Finanztest has examined 235 family rates for the current liability insurance test. The services were examined intensively. If an offer does not meet the basic protection set by the consumer advocates, it could not achieve a better rating than “satisfactory”. Important services include, for example, the assumption of costs due to damage to third-party computers as well as the reimbursement of damages of reasonableness . This refers to damage in one’s own four walls that develops over time, for example due to moisture.

The evaluation of the basic protection, together with the sum insured, contributes 67 percent to the overall result. The remaining percentage points make up additional benefits. The best liability insurance for 2015 convinced by a very high level of performance.

The last liability insurance test of the magazine Finanztest, which belongs to Stiftung Warentest, dates back to January 2013. Even then, the providers InterRisk and Asstel with their tariffs were among the best liability insurance policies.


“Consumers are very likely to be better served with a current, very good tariff than with a contract signed before 2010.”

Holger Rohde, financial test expert

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Best liability insurance for 2015: Extras make the difference

Although there are, according to the current liability insurance test very many recommended offers. But this positive result does not replace a personal comparison, as still too many tariffs in the test disappoint . Two liability insurances even achieved only a “poor” rating.

Since there are decisive differences in performance even among the very good offers – for example, the reimbursement of losses caused by infants – it is worthwhile for those interested to have a precise price and performance comparison. Stiftung Warentest also recommends “switching from older contracts to new ones.” Because many of the damages that are covered today were not included in the insurance coverage in the past.

Update September 9, 2015: Also in the liability insurance Comparison 2015 by Focus-Money, the conclusion is positive. Half of the 30 providers examined are convinced by above-average performance. The basis for this judgment was almost 3,000 customer opinions, which were evaluated.

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